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The Restaurateur has over a decade of experience in Food & Beverage business and holds a degree from the University of London. Following are the key players in the team :

Sun Baochao
Executive Chef
Qualified from Yi Zhong- Anhui, China, Chef Bouchao is a true master of the art. With a carrier span of over 15 years, he has worked at Ying Yang - Shanghai and the prestigeous Hong Yu Hotel also in Shanghai. He has won several awards including the "Xi Yuan Yuan" Gold. Chef Bouchao's passion for cooking has driven him to create the wonderful array of dishes available only at Shanghai Terrace.
Li Hongling
Sous Chef
Product of Ji Yang Yi Zhong - He Nan , China. Chef Hongling is a specialist in Anhui, Cantonese and Fujian types of cooking. Having received his initial training at Die Juan, Shanghai, Chef Hongling went on to master his skills at Guan Jun Da Jiu Luo, Shanghai.